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The travel fantasies started young for Eden and after numerous attempts to quench that thirst through family vacations and road trips with friends she finally threw in the towel and let the desire for adventure consume her. Two weeks before her 18th birthday, she grabbed a friend and moved to Hawaii. With $2,000 and two suitcases in hand the adventure began. She used Hawaii as a home base for the next six years and the Honolulu International Airport as her travel hub while exploring the South Pacific, Fiji, Tahiti and New Zealand.

Eventually, convinced that she needed to get a ‘real’ job and career and wanting to put her college education to use, Eden returned to her Los Angeles roots and pursued what ultimately became a very successful career as a therapist/counselor. As the face and voice of the practice she co-owned, Eden was featured in all local and national ads and appeared on numerous news programs and talk shows. Her gypsy blood was boiling and after being repeatedly told she was a natural in front of the camera, Eden began to seriously consider making a career switch. Entertainment would afford her the luxury of travel…for work and for pleasure and she could still continue to interact with the public in what she would hope would be an inspiring way.

To date Eden has had the privilege of working on some of the best TV shows in the world, she shot a feature film with McDreamy, AKA Patrick Dempsey, worked on some fun independent projects, met superstars, made some amazing friends and really loved every minute…all the while feeding that travel bug a buffet of exquisite flavors. In the last two years alone, she has set foot in at least 20 different countries and 15 different states.

Whether scouring a flea market in India or wine tasting in Napa, Eden loves the art of negotiation and is always on the hunt for the sweetest ‘deal’. Her personable nature and gift for gab seems to always create an environment ripe for complimentary upgrades, amazing adventures, extraordinary experiences and an all around great time.

After owning and working as the COO of a successful multi-million dollar company before her foray into television- It was only natural that Eden would merge her love for the entertainment industry, business and travel into one venture. Over the last 8 years she has gained immeasurable experience and insight into the world of making TV while appearing on it. On set she made friends with numerous unit production managers, producers, directors, DP’s, AD’s, etc; Which eventually led to internships, assisting and production jobs with some of the biggest names in television today. With too much energy and too many ideas to sit still, she formed a production company with partner Victoria Johnson after a chance meeting brought them together while boarding an airplane in NYC. Eden has amassed an incredible team of people that bring over 500 combined episodes of television production experience together..all of which are committed to making every show they develop the absolute best it can be and entertaining you every minute of every single episode.

10 Things About Eden:

· Watching the sunset from her couch in Laguna Beach is her favorite thing to do.
· She collects coffee cups (mostly with hearts on them) and doesn’t drink coffee.
· Eden went to college in Hawaii and majored in Psychology.
· LOVER of unicorns.
· She prefers to be submerged in water if possible – crystal clear aqua blue is top choice.
· 13 is her lucky and favorite number.
· She’s Durga Tree International’s America’s Charities Liaison  for  North, South and Central America.
· Has been to 8 different countries in the last 6 months.
· Is obsessed with cupcakes.
· The Baths/Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda -may be her favorite place (to date) in the whole wide world.

Eden Marie James – Television & Film:

1. Made of Honor (2008) … Hannah’s Cousin
… aka “Made of Honour” – Australia, Hong Kong (English title), UK

2. While You Were Away (2008) …. Mom

3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2007) … Civilian Employee
… aka “CSI: Las Vegas” – South Africa (English title) (informal alternative title), USA (syndication title)
… aka “C.S.I.” – USA (short title)
… aka “CSI: Weekends” – USA (promotional title)

· Ending Happy (2007) TV episode … Civilian Employee
· Lab Rats (2007)  TV episode … Civilian Employee
· em>Big Shots (2007)  TV episode … Civilian Employee
· Empty Eyes (2007)  TV episode … Civilian Employee
· Fallen Idols (2007)  TV episode … Civilian Employee
(+ 1 more)

4. Brothers & Sisters (2007)
· Love Is Difficult (2007)  TV episode

5. Without a Trace (2007) … Train Commuter
… aka “W.A.T” – USA (short title)
· Two of Us (2007)  TV episode … Train Commuter

6. Shark (2007) … Mayor’s Assistant
· Wayne’s World 2: Revenge of the Shark (2007)  TV episode … Mayor’s Assistant

7. MADtv (2007) … Waitress
· Episode #12.12 (2007)  TV episode … Waitress/scene partner

8. House M.D. (2006) … Barista
… aka “House” – South Africa (English title), USA (short title) … aka “Dr. House” – Japan (English title) (second season title)
· Failure to Communicate (2006)  TV episode … Barista9. All of Us (2006)
· Everybody Loves Rain Man (2006)  TV episode10. Close to Home (2006) … Party Girl
· Homecoming (2006)  TV episode … Party Girl

11. Sons & Daughters (2006) … Emma Walker
· House Party (2006)  TV episode … Emma Walker

12. Charmed (2006) … Party Guest
· Payback’s a Witch (2006)  TV episode … Party Guest

13. Las Vegas (2005) … Girl #2
· Bold, Beautiful & Blue (2005)  TV episode … Girl #2

14. One on One (2005) … Venice Bikini Girl
· Study Buddy (2005)  TV episode … Student
· Venice Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2005)  TV episode … Call Girl
· One on One Remix (2005) TV episode … Venice Bikini Girl

15. Head Cases (2005) … Drama Queen
· Be Your Best You (2005)  TV episode … St. Pauli Girl

16. Clubhouse (2005) … Conrad Dean’s Date
· Save Situation (2005) TV episode … Conrad Dean’s Date

17. Party Starters (2004) … Co-Host
· Tropical Housewarming/Latin Birthday Lounge (2004)  TV episode … Co-Host

18. The Proposal (2001) … Party Guest


1. Spirit Space (2008) (V) … Herself

2. Love on the Rocks (2006) … Herself
· Love on the Rocks (2006) TV episode … Herself

3. Project Runway (2005) … Herself – Model
… aka “Project Runway 2″ – USA (second season title)
… aka “Project Runway 3″ – USA (third season title)
· Road to Runway (2005) TV episode … Herself – Model

4. Makeover Mamas … Herself (2003)
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